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GO Sport partners with Adidas to support “Run for the Ocean” campaign

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GO Sport Run for the Ocean

GO Sport partners with Adidas to support “Run for the Ocean” campaign

13 Jun, 2019 - 01:01 PM IST     |     By indiantelevision.com Team    


MUMBAI: GO Sport, a French global multi-brand, multi-discipline sports superstore has partnered with Adidas to support “Run for the Ocean” campaign. GO Sport was recently introduced into the Indian market by Tablez, a leading organised retail arm, with two superstores in Mumbai and Bangalore. As part of the store launch in Bangalore, GO Sport organised a 5 KM wellness run called GO Run on 9th June 2019. During the event, the brand provided a platform to Adidas in reaching out to over 3,000 runners to support the “Run for the Ocean” campaign.

"Run for the Oceans" is a global movement that harnesses the power of sports to raise awareness about the threat of marine plastic pollution and inspires positive action. It leverages an opportunity to celebrate the oceans, through an event where runners unite to dedicate their time and energy to generate investment towards saving the oceans.

"As responsible citizens of this world, it is upon each one of us to take action in keeping our oceans breathing and thriving. At GO Sport, we are thrilled to partner with Adidas to support “Run for the Ocean” campaign. We are sure that this global movement will harness the power of sport to raise awareness for the threat of marine plastic pollution and thereby protect our oceans and environment," said Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director, Tablez.

“The fight against Marine Plastic pollution has just begun. As the leading sports brand in the world, Adidas has taken the responsibility to unite people and raise awareness through Run for the Oceans to fight the problem. We are delighted to see our key partner Go Sport, join us in this movement and help strengthen it further”, said Manish Sapra, Sr. Marketing Director, Adidas India.

In this GO Sport supported initiative, Adidas has given a shout-out to the runners worldwide to log kilometers in the Runtastic and Joyrun applications from 8th to 16th June 2019. Every kilometer recorded will be matched with $1 each for Parley Ocean School to educate youth on how to tackle the marine pollution problem. There’s no set distance to run, no set route to follow. The only requirement is a FREE registration via the Runtastic or Joyrun apps to be part of this movement.

Through this partnership, GO Sport and Adidas reached out to over 3,000 runners at the GO Run event and educated them on the cause, to provide support towards making the movement bigger. Adidas Runners Club also participated in the GO Run to support the campaign along with the brand launch.


GO SportRun for the Ocean



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