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One-On-One With Gov. Fallin On Inauguration, President Trump's T - NewsOn6.com - Tulsa, OK - News, W

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This is part 2 of an exclusive News 9/News On 6 interview with Governor Mary Fallin on the inauguration of President Donald Trump. Watch Part1 here.

Grant Hermes: I know you said you can't go to every event, anything you're looking forward to being a part of?

Gov. Mary Fallin: There are a whole lot of events, there's like about 50 events we've been invited to. I am looking forward to meeting with congress tomorrow. They have a reception for governors with the members of congress and the Speaker of the House who has some Oklahoma connections too, because he's married to an Oklahoma girl. So, that's very exciting to see speaker Ryan.

I've been telling everybody. Be prepared to stand in long lines you'll hardly get anything to eat to drink. Restaurants will be crowded. Wear comfortable shoes because you may stand for hours in lines, and just be patient and enjoy the moment.

GH: The President-elect has been I guess unpresidential, at least for modern presidential history standards, whether it's attacking the press, leaders using his Twitter account to make official statements. Do you have any concerns about his administration going forward?

GOV: Well, I don't think he's been unpresidential. I think he's just been a different type of presidential candidate. And certainly in this presidential election he's had more technology, more ability to connect with people through social media. It's not a bad thing for our nation, but certainly it's something he'll have to be conscientious of that his words matter, that his actions matter.

GH: Oklahoma was I think the first state called in the election and we're a loyal Republican state, but Trump didn't come here on his “Thank You Tour”, are we going to get forgotten?

GOV: I think he'll be one of these presidents that cares about what people think and what they say, and will probably keep in pretty good contact with people through social media and even pay attention to social media.

GH: Does that include Oklahomans you think?


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