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You dont have to let everyone know you are sick! Why cant my family understand I have to over plan

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Awesome article. If we keep writing and sharing, some people might get it. I am so sick of people telling me they understand and they don’t. And if you tell them they don’t, they get all bent. They think because they had a really bad pain for a day or a week and then it was done with, they understand. People trying to make you feel guilty or try to make them believe you that just because you look good (nice clothes, make-up) that you are really not ok and you won’t participate in their activity is because you don’t like them.

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We all have masks that we wear depending on the situation. Party? Slap on the smiley mask. Family event? Slap on the ‘I’m happy’ ‘mask. Grocery store where everyone knows your name? Out comes the ‘I am fine ‘ mask. Every person we know has a mask made just to face them with, including ourself!

Living with cp is isolating enough. No matter how bad I feel I still say I am fine. WHY DO I DO THAT? It’s because I don’t want to be labeled a whiner or complainer, no one wants to talk to someone who acts like that all the time. I caught myself telling my daughter a gazillion times I was sore last month while she drove me 198 miles to My pain doc. I realized what I was doing and told her I was sorry to keep saying that. God bless her, she says mama you never comp!ain so I know you must hurt and it’s okay to bitch once in a while. Actually made me laugh and cry at the same time!

14 hours ago

Signe Topai

I went camping, with a trailer and good bed, with my sister. When we set up our campfire, I used a well padded cot, pillows and blankets so I could comfortable enjoy the campfire. While enjoying the fire four campers came by. One lady yelled out, ” were you sent to the dog house? ”
Meaning, did I get thrown out of the comfortable trailer since I had a bed outside. I laughed and told her no, I have Fibromyalgia and the cot is for my comfort. To my shock, my normally supportive sister got mad at me and said, ” You don’t have to let everyone know you are sick!
Why can’t my family understand I have to over plan including bringing articles that help my pain and I can say anything I have to . Some people are so stupid and I have the right to respectful responde. Thank God my daughter gets it 98% of the time!

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It is all about all the uncertainty of our future care, and the barriers to treatment with opioids. How much longer is this debate going to take? For some of us there is no treatment for our illnesses. How many surgeries, injections, and radio frequency ablations do I have to endure? When do doctors finally realize and admit that opiates are the only thing that helps. I “had to go in for a medication check recently cause it had been more than 3 months since I had seen my primary care doc. By the way Medication appts are a copay of $20. The office then made me come back 4 days later for another med check for a different prescription. Twice yearly drug screens cost me $150 a year.
The biggest anxiety I experience monthly is getting refills. First you have request a refill on their patient portal, then you get to wait for at least 3 business days for the office to call for you to come and pick up your script (if you are lucky). This office put me into withdrawal last year cause it took them 10 business days to process my request and to top it off the script was written for the wrong drug. To pick up your script you have to go to the office, have a copy of drivers license made, and get your signature to receive a written prescription, they will not send the script electronically for some reason. If it’s drug testing day, they hand you a cup, and all this occurs right in front of everyone else in the waiting room. Next, you go to the pharmacy and hope they have your meds in stock and find out what day your health insurance will let you fill your script. That’s a normal month, to travel out of state is another whole juggling act. I’ve been on 60 mme for 4.5 years, use my meds as directed, and pass all drug screens. Why am I treated like a criminal?

21 hours ago

Denise Bault

What a great article! I wear sunglasses -all the time- due to hypersensitivity to light from a chronic, invisible illness. Beats wasting what energy I have putting makeup on and then having to use the remaining energy of the day taking it back off. I tell people, “You only see me for the short time I feel well enough for you to see me!” Sad, but true.

22 hours ago

Toni Wallace

Thank you! You have expressed perfectly what I have tried to explain to my friends and family in the past, but it has never gotten through until recently. I always put on the brave face. I was always adventurous, never letting my gender or my age hinder me. Basic training at 30? No problem. Scuba diving certification? you betcha. I felt that there was nothing I couldn’t do with enough muscle, grit, and smarts. In my mid 50’s, the years of being invincible caught up. Back and neck surgeries, nerve blocks, etc etc. Capped with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and RA and now my life is a series of appearing normal when I can and surviving the best I can the rest of the time. The war on opiates hasn’t helped but I won’t get on my soapbox on that. When I had to cancel an outing at the last minute, they would always respond, “Oh, I understand.” But they didn’t. Not really. Until recently when I had to have hip replacement surgery and couldn’t live alone for a couple of weeks. Friends were with me around the clock, so when the worst fibro flare I ever had hit, I had nowhere to hide. They saw my vulnerability, pain, fear, and hope for it to be over quickly in all its ugly glory. Shaking from the pain, tears streaming down my face, but knowing from experience that the ER wouldn’t do anything, I explained this was my reality and I just had to ride it out. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t be stronger, expecting to see pity in their eyes and somehow a loss of respect. That’s what society makes those of us with chronic pain feel like, right? To my shock and amazement, I saw anger; at what I had to endure, that there was little if nothing to be done, and at the lack of seriousness with which we are taken by the medical community. The best thing to come out of that horrific twelve hours is that now they understand. When I have to cancel at the last minute, they respond “oh, do you need anything? I can stop by if you need help!” And they mean it. And understand.

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