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to keep still and not to flinch. l love waiting in shivering anticipation for the first of twelve a

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l can't agree to girls been caned or slapped cos girls are meant to be loved cherished and respected. Years ago,when l was at school , girls were never caned but given extra homework as punishment. Us boys on the other hand were caned in front of the class, by both male and female teachers, bent over a desk, with our bottoms facing the class.l was a naughty boy and got caned daily, between 3 to 6 strokes. We were always caned on our clothed bottoms, however, if we're caught 'padding' our bottoms then we were given a six stroke caning on our bare bottom in front of the amused schoolboys and schoolgirls. l was caught padding my bottom 3 times. After l was caught the second time l was not only given a 6 stroke bare bottom thrashing in front of the class but for the next month had to bare my bottom every time I received a caning. After the 3rd time l was caught l had to bare my bottom for canings for two months.The schoolgirls became excited and giggly at the swishes of the cane and the solid meaty WHOP of the cane on my squirming well thrashed bare bottom.The humiliation of been caned on my bare bottom in front of excited, giggly young schoolgirls was excruciating, but well deserved.
lm now 24 years old, few months ago l met an attractive 35year old headmistress who teaches mid teen 16yr olds at an all girls school. l told her about my canings, she said she missed those days cos these days caning pupils is banned and illegal. She offered to cane me in her office at school in front of schoolgirls from her class,so ,once a week l visit her office,where l meet her and a few young excited teen schoolgirls from her class ,to get a 12 stroke bare bottom thrashing from her, in front of the young schoolgirls. She enjoys instructing me to drop my trousers, bend over her schooldesk, to push out my bare bottom, to keep still and not to flinch. l love waiting in shivering anticipation for the first of twelve angry swishes of her rattan cane on my bare bottom,followed by the solid meaty WHOP on my bare bottom. The pain kicks in about a second after the stroke and peaks about 3 seconds later just in time for the next stroke. She begins at the top of my bottom just below the beginning of my crack, and applies 12 parallel strokes, finishing up at the top of my legs. My bottom is on fire after just 3 strokes, it starts to squim and wriggle which makes her more excited and encourages her to thrash me harder, each stroke harder than the previous stroke. Despite the pain I love the schoolgirls young excited laughter during the thrashing ,their pleasure and teen glee at my well thrashed bare bottom with 12 deep angry red stripes across both cheeks .My bottom is very very sore after 12 strokes ....Owwww!! But well worth the pain!


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