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I thought about something similar just this morning, my COTD was the Prince of Cups and it made me feel the dew on my feet. This isn't shocking, it's a rainy day and I hate shoes. I was drawn to his feet though, and wondered how many people in the deck were barefoot. I shifted through it and thought the same thing, simply that some were and some weren't without a pattern becoming visible. It wasn't a mystery to me though, I thought it was an individual thing without having a theme or pattern. Like, the man in Seven of Cups might drag his toes through the water, while the Eight of Swords would need her feet to be her eyes. Different reasons for being barefoot. The man in the Ten of Wands is probably blistered and weary, his bandage looking shoes reflect that. The Princess of Wands isn't afraid of walking on hot sidewalks (sing it sister, neither am I), and the man in the Three of Wands seems to be planning a long journey that would be hard on bare feet.

They do really seem to hate shoes in this deck though, and only wear them if they absolutely have to. Sometimes that reason seems to be to demonstrate an air of authority (though the warmhearted King of Pentacles prefers his visitors to feel at home and eschews that, and the Lord cheats with sandals).


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